Movies and TV Shows I Love

Here is just a shortlist of movies and TV shows I love.  More to come!

Shark Tank is the American version of Dragon’s Den.  Although this version is the most dramatized, you can still learn a lot about business from the pitches. 
Playwright and actor Bryan Fogel examine in this movie how easy it is to get away with doping in professional sport.
dragon den uk
The UK version of Dragons’ Den is my favourite because it has WAY less drama than Shark Tank and I feel the investors are more sincere.
dragons den canada
Of course I gotta love Dragons’ Den Canada because I am a Canadian and I support Canadian entrepreneur.
If you are into baseball and business, this movie is a must see.  This movie talks about how Billy Beane, Executive Vice President of Baseball Operations of Oakland Athletics built a cost-effective team by understand players’ stats while he was the general manager of the Athletics.








emmuael macron
How did Emmanual Macron become the youngest French prime minister? This movie follow his 200 days before his presidency.
This movie tells the truth behind the founding of McDonalds Restaurant and how Ray Kroc grew the restaurant into a empire.