Books I Love

I love to read.  Here is just a shortlist of books I personally recommend.  More to come!

crush it
Oh! I love this book! Gary Vaynerchuk is truly a social media guru.  This book is the BIBLE OF SOCIAL MEDIA and I think every blogger I think should read it.


warren buffett











wealthy barber returns
David Chilton is definitely very wise man.  In comparison to “The Wealthy Barber”, David Chilton has grown from a novice in financial literacy to a wealthy businessman that serves in the Boards of many Canadian companies.  He did it by PAYING YOURSELF FIRST!




real estate
This book reveals the criteria banks look for when real estate investors apply for financing. In addition, the book tell you how someone can grow their RRSP besides investing the money in the stock and bond markets. Extremely valuable information.
real estate
If you are just a random guy on the street wanting to be rich, this book is GREAT FOR YOU. This book gives you a complete strategy on what to do before you start buying your first property to creating sustainable wealth.


I am DEFINITELY not a fan of weed, but it is a great book to read.  This book explains building a marijuana business is just as hard as building any legitimate business.


thank you economy
Another Gary Vaynerchuk’s book.  This book illustrates how to connect with customers via social media.  It is time to spend money to create a department dedicated to social media marketing in order for customers to “stick” to your brand.


warren buffett
This book shares the secrets on how Warren Buffett looks for his next investment.
matt fitzgerald
This book explains why it is better to slow run in order to achieve maximum performance.  In addition, this book provide trainings plans on how to prepare for 5K, 10K, half marathon and marathon.


Another Gary Vaynerchuk’s book.  This book is based on his Youtube show #AskGaryVee and it is in purely Q&A format.  Great read for people who want to know more Gary as a entrepreneur and investor.


Screen Shot 2017-12-30 at 9.26.44 PM
This book describe the recommended steps to figure out how to generate income from a side business that you have been thinking for a while.   From idea to income in 27 days is not that long
tb method
If you are a Tom Brady fan, or if you are looking to add resistance bands exercises to your regular exercise routine, THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU!