I Am Hosting A Skype Meet And Greet

I am happy that my blog has reached…

Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at 10.54.04 PM

and to thank all of you guys, I am hosting a Skype Meet and Greet!

So how does it work?

So basically I would pick a lucky reader and we will be chatting on Skype and THAT LUCKY PERSON can ask me any professional questions they want.

I am not a life coach or a psychologist, therefore I do not think I would be a perfect person to answer any relationship and friendship questions.

So how will I pick the LUCKY WINNER?

For anyone who’s interested, post the following information in the comments below:

  • The hashtag #6milliongalskype
  • Why you would like to be picked
  • Your preference: video call or phone call

I would give this a week and see how it goes.  I will pick the comment that fits with the mission of this blog the most, which is to put more money in people’s pockets.   By the way, any comments without the hashtag will be rejected.

Oh yes! Not only you can submit comment on this blog, but also can write your comment on my Facebook and Twitter (I will check don’t worry).  Just remember to include the hashtag #6milliongalskype or else your comments will be rejected.

This is the first time I have ever done this, so I do not know what to expect.

If this Skype Meet and Greet turns out to be popular, I will do it again when my blog reach 300 followers, 400 followers and so on.

So if you are interested…

do not think too much and post your comments down below!






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