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Sometimes I Fail Too..

In this blog, I emphasize myself as someone not only with great money management skills, but also knows how to bring in more money into my own pocket.

But sometimes I fail too.


Here is the story.

About two weeks ago, I was at the mall in my neighhourhood and received a $10 CAD gift card from doing a survey.



I did not know what to do at first.  But after a bit of thinking, I figured, “Why don’t I go to the bookstore at the mall, buy the book I always want to get and SELL IT AFTER to see if I can make a profit or not?” 

So this was what I did.  I used my $10 gift card and ended up paying $16.25 CAD for the book.  Just a FYI:  The book I bought was authored by a Four-time New York Times bestselling author and was released on late January 2018.



I finished the book in two days (it was a great book by the way).  After, I wrote a nice ad on Kijiji and tried to sell the book online.

No luck.


I did not want my book to sit at home for too long, therefore I have decided to take the book to used bookstore to see if those stores would buy my book and ultimately I would get cash from it.

The day I went was very humid and windy.  In fact, I took public transit as I hate driving to downtown Toronto.

My first stop was a very well-known used bookstore in Toronto.  Surprisingly, they said  “NO” because my book is not a good seller for them.  In my head, I thought, “THEY ARE CRAZY!”

But I had not given up yet.


So I did some research on Google Maps and found this store.  It was a very old store but I thought I gave it a try.



So I went into the store and gave the book to the guy at the counter.  He took a peek, flipped some pages and offered me…


In my head, I was thinking..

“This guy is crazy again.”

“Well!  At least I have an offer and I should take it.  It is so cold outside and I do not want to walk to another store that is 15 minutes away.”

“But I think I should negotiate.  I know I will lose money but at least I want to get more than $5 back.”

So I made a counter offer…



He looked at me and thought calmly.   Then, he made another counter offer and I agreed.  I ended up walking out of the door with…



Thinking back,  I should have made a counter offer of $20 CAD and see what he said.  However, I did not want on the street with a light jacket anymore and that was why I made this decision.

Have I done more research, I am confident I would get more money back. 

Have you ever buy an item at a very low price and sell it at a higher price? How did you manage to do it?  Please leave your comments below!  Catch you on the flip side!


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