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Why Is Money Talk Important? Quality vs. Price.



People always love bargains.


For some, taking advantage of bargains give them opportunities to show off to their friends.  And for others, saving money from bargains bring them joy and excitement just like watching their favourite team win a game.

While bargains are great, sometimes you could be buying things that are not in their best quality.  In fact, it is crazy it is to see the same items being charged differently in different grocery stores probably because of the quality of those items.

As a result, I recently went to three different groceries stores in my neighbourhood with three different price points to see why is this happening.

  1. Walmart – Sells groceries that are always in low price.
$1.47 per box of Fusilli 


$0.56 per pound for Bananas


$2.97 per box of Strawberries
$1.97 for one bunch of Spinach 


$20.82 for 900g of Atlantic Salmon Fillet


$18.57 for 1300g of Beef Outside Round Roast 


2. Loblaws – Canadian grocery chain that mainly targets the middle class.

$1.29 for a box of Farfalle


$0.69 per pound of Strawberries
$1.99 per box of Strawberries


$2.69 per bunch of Spinach 


$3.99 for one piece of Main Atlantic Salmon (113g)
$25.61 for 1662g of Eye Of Round Roast 



3. Whole Foods – Eco-minded chain with natural & organic grocery items.

$1.99 for one bag of Rotini
$0.89 per pound of Organic Bananas
$3.99 per box of Strawberries
$3.49 per bunch of Organic Spinach
$2.49 per 100g of Fresh Atlantic Salmon 
$3.49 per 100g of Grass Fed Beef Flat Cut Brisket


These are just a small number of produce and items you can get at grocery stores, but in general the more expensive the item, the better in quality.   In fact, many people start to realize what they consume on a regular basis are crucial in achieving better health.  This is not to say if you are broke you would not be able afford quality food, but…

you may want to think about bring in more money into your pockets if you want to reach longevity.


So do you track your healthy regularly?   If so, what do you consume on a daily basis?  Please leave your comment below!  Catch you on the flip side!


2 thoughts on “Why Is Money Talk Important? Quality vs. Price.”

  1. On a workday my afternoon snack is a plain greek yogurt smoothie with mixed berries, banana, and almonds. I probably should add greens in there because I don’t eat enough vegetables 😛

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