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I Have To Run Ads In This Blog Soon

I have started this blog since last July and so far it is only ME who are writing blog posts, updating social media handles, researching for topics and planning the long-term.

In addition, I have used MY PERSONAL MONEY to purchase the domain, to buy more upload minutes on Soundcloud for my podcast, and to host this blog.

As more people are visiting this blog, I realize I have created something that people are interested in.  As a result, I predicted my traffic would increase in the long-term and noticed I need more funds in order to keep my blog running.

So how do I monetize my blog?


Currently, I am a Coinsquare affiliate and I earn $20 bonus when people use my referral code to register for an account and deposit at least $60.   However, the earned bonuses are not going to be enough to pay for what I want to do.  Furthermore, I want to use most of the bonuses to invest in crytocurrencies so if my readers and I would “share” gains and losses together.

Pursuing this further, I am skeptical about running Google Ads on my blog.   First of all, I do not want my blog to look messy and hard to navigate.  I want my readers to concentrate on my content not on the ads.  Second of all, I do not think my blog has enough views to get approved my Google Adsense.

So what did I do?  I applied for WordAds yesterday.  WordAds is the official advertising program available for site owners. The program features ads from external ad networks such as Google, Facebook, AOL, and more.   I have talked to a few WordPress bloggers and they said WordAds are not as messy as Google Ads and WordAds’ traffic requirement is not as high as Google Adsense.

So what would I do with the money?  I would…

  • Renew my current domain and purchase similarly-named domains to eliminate competition
  • Upgrade my hosting plan to handle the increase in traffic in the long-term
  • Upgrade my Soundcloud account to Pro Unlimited to enjoy upload without limits
  • Purchase a new theme for my blog or to hire a website designer.  It is always nice to keep my blog in fresh looks
  • Hire an professional marketer who understand Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Pay for any travel costs for networking events
  • Pay for any costs associated with the growth of the blog such as registering trademarks

I also want to design a logo to make my blog look more professional.  I feel this is necessary as I am working on my first book and I want to get more readership.


I want to influence everyone in the world to have a positive mindset and to be able to create enough wealth so they can enjoy the kind of lives they want. 


I hope you have been enjoying my blog so far.  Please leave your comments below!  Catch you on the flip side!

5 thoughts on “I Have To Run Ads In This Blog Soon”

  1. I tried to apply to WordAds but apparently I don’t qualify. I don’t really understand this whole thing. I am going to have to do some research about blogging. I started this blog several years ago but never got serious about it until this past July. Looks like a trip to the library is in my future, lol.

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