I Am Adding Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold To My Crytocurrency Portfolio


In addition to Ripple, I am looking into investing in Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold.

I was skeptical when Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold were first introduced because they are just branches of Bitcoin and I thought Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold are created just for traders to make quick bucks.

When I heard BitPay, the largest bitcoin payment processor in the world with products such as BitPay wallet and BitPay card, is accepting Bitcoin Cash as payment option, however, I immediately knew Bitcoin Cash has utility value.

Although Bitcoin Cash’s price has risen more than 70% in the last twenty-four hours to $4,068.89 US ($5,232.12 CAD), I will definitely invest in this crytocurrency because I know its price would keep increasing in the long run.

Pursuing this further, I think other bitcoin payment processing companies would soon accept Bitcoin Cash with the success and popularity of Bitcoin Cash,  As a result, I will also invest in Bitcoin Cash.   The price of Bitcoin Cash is $465.49 US ($598.03 CAD) as of today.

Last but not least, I just purchased Ripple on CEX.IO, an United Kingdom-based bitcoin exchange because CEX.IO also allow traders to buy Bitcoin Cash (also Coinsquare) and Bitcoin Gold as I mentioned on my Twitter.

Screen Shot 2017-12-20 at 1.41.32 PM

I know I have signed up for an account on Kraken Bitcoin Exchange, but Kraken does not allow traders to buy Bitcoin Gold.   As a result, I would use CEX.IO for now.

Do you think I am very hasty in my decisions regarding crytocurrencies so far?  Please leave your comments below!  Catch you on the flip side!




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