Ripple – My Next Crytocurrency Investment


I guess I am gutty and lucky.

When I said crytocurrencies are not bubbles and decided to purchase Bitcoin and Ethereum on Coinsquare,  I was just testing my theory and hoping I would generate good returns.   Fortunately, Bitcoin and Ethereum have hit all time high today at $18,918 US ($24,319.34 CAD) and $787.21 US ($1,011.92 CAD) respectively and my initial investment has been up for more than 200% already since October.

Since then, I have purchased Dash on Coinsquare and it is also doing pretty well.  As of now, the price of dash is $1,130.04 US ($1,452.62 CAD).

And now, I have Ripple in my mind.


Currently, Ripple’s blockchain technology is being used in some of the biggest banks around the world to settle financial transactions.  In addition, ATB Financial, the ninth largest bank in Canada, uses Ripple to send funds to different banks around the world.  The benefit of using Ripple is the time it takes to settle a transaction takes an average of EIGHT SECONDS when a similar transaction takes two to six weeks in the past.  You can watch the Youtube video of a transaction performed by ATB Financial here.

I am currently waiting for account verification from Kraken Bitcoin Exchange, GateHub and Bitsane in order to deposit funds into my account.  Unfortunately, I could not buy Ripple on Coinsquare and QuadrigaCX so I have to search for alternatives.

I will keep you guys posted!


So do you currently hold crytocurrencies?  If yes, what crytocurrencies do you own and which exchange do you use?  Please leave your comments below! Catch you on the flip side!

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