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An Update On My Net Worth (November 2017)

I keep myself in check of my net worth regularly to make sure I do not forget my goal:



My Current Assets

  • Cash -> $5,338.18
  • TFSA – > $18,447.95
  • RRSP -> $38,103.06
  • Investment -> $10,512.60 (TD stock), $1,914.37 (Bitcoin), $210.71 (Ethereum)
  • Car -> $7960.00
  • Residence -> $90330.08 (This is how much I put down in my condo so far)

“My total assets now is $172,816.95” (+1.47% from September)


My Current Liabilities

  • Line of Credit -> $14,493.09

“My total liabilites now is $14,493.09” (-9.47% from September)


As a result…

“My net worth now is $158,323.86” (+2.61% from September)


I am so glad of my achievement so far.   My increase in net worth also proves:

  • My decision to invest in stocks and commodities that have long-term growth is right
  • My decision to make pay off my debt a priority was right
  • It is important to be confident of what you are doing. If something does not work out, do some research and change your plan if necessary.

And as always..



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