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I Treat This Blog As My Passion, But More Importantly, A Business

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In addition to stocks and real estate,


Although I love to write and share my journey to become a millionaire on this blog to everyone around the world, I treat this blog as a business as well.    I would like to be compensated enough down the road to keep myself motivated to run this blog.   If not, why am I wasting time on this?

Surprisingly (to most people), I also treat my career as a BUSINESS.

You may say…

“Why bother? It is not my job to stay after work to do paperwork and not getting paid.”

“I am only getting paid $12 per hour, and I am going to only do what my job description says.”

“He (the owner) is f***ing cheap. I contribute sooo much to this f***ing place and he doesn’t want to pay me overtime.  F*** HIM!!”

On the other hand, your bosses could be thinking about these about you:

“She is a receptionist, but she cannot even answer the phone right.”

“I keep on telling him to do inventory the way I wanted but he never listens.”

“Why am I giving him a raise when he hasn’t bring me any sales?”

As you can see..

Employees always want to get paid for the length of time they work at their companies.


Employers want to pay employees for the VALUES employees bring to his/her businesses.

The keyword here is:


Of course, there are some employers out there who just don’t treat employees right. Furthermore, these employers create toxic environments where they are doing everything and employees are not given any responsibilities.  I guess these employers do so in order to cut labour costs and to take all the credits.

Personally, I think everyone should avoid working for these a**hole employers because not only you are not going to be happy, but also you would not be learning anything that would enhance your career.

Companies with good management and ownership, on the contrary, would give as much responsibilities as employees want.  Good management and ownerships understand they are here to grow their companies to the next level, not to interfere with day-to-day operations.  In similar fashion, the owners and managers of these companies understand business and accounting, bring additional sales, and mentor staff.

Ultimately, these companies are great for people who are ambitious and go-getters.  You may not be working at these companies forever, but you would learn A TON and those knowledge benefits you as you move up the ladder.

So now you understand why employers promote certain employees.

Of course, there are employers promote people just because they say things the employers love to hear.

But if you work in a good company, the employer would promote employee “A” and employee “B” because “A” and “B” bring VALUE to the table.

VALUE = understand business and accounting, bring additional sales, and mentor staff

So if you have business, sales and leadership skills, you are on the right path to become…


I know some of you don’t agree with me, just post your comment below anyway.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  Catch you on the flip side!









6 thoughts on “I Treat This Blog As My Passion, But More Importantly, A Business”

  1. These words are so true. Not only as an employee, but in life. The more value you bring to the table, the more valuable you’ll be. And you’re absolutely right about sales people, somehow we always land on our feet haha. Great post!


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